Donald Albrecht

National Design Triennial

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum,
Smithsonian Institution, New York
2000 and 2003

This ongoing series of exhibitions and related books takes the pulse of contemporary American architecture and design. The work of 80 to 100 young innovators and mature, but still influential, masters were included in the first two installments, from Frank Gehry to Greg Lynn, Jonathan Ive/Apple Computer to Steven Burks.

Mr. Albrecht co-organized the exhibitions and selected a roster of its featured participants.

“…this show makes design look like the most protean,
fertile field this side of the Tigris and Euphrates.”
Herbert Muschamp, New York Times, March 10, 2000

Co-curators (2000): Ellen Lupton, Steven Skov Holt
Co-curators (2003): Ellen Lupton, Mitchell Owens, Susan Yelavich
Exhibition designer (2000): Michael Gabellini
Exhibition designer (2003): Matter Practice
Exhibition graphic designer: Ellen Lupton
Lighting designer: Anita Jorgensen

Donald Albrecht