Donald Albrecht

On the Job:
Design and the American Office

National Building Museum, Washington, DC

The century-long history of the American office and how it has both reflected and shaped life in the United States was visually depicted in this exhibition through architectural models, innovative furniture and equipment, and excerpts from popular films and television programs. Newly commissioned computer fly-throughs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s now-demolished Larkin Building in Buffalo, New York, offered visitors the opportunity of experience the interior spaces of what is today considered the first truly modern office building. Presented at the moment when new mobile technologies were becoming increasingly common, the exhibition featured computer stations that gave visitors the chance to determine their workplace preferences, from traditional offices to home offices and Internet cafes.

Mr. Albrecht and his co-curator conceived the idea of the show and catalog, selected all artifacts, wrote exhibition text, and assembled the design team and catalog essayists.

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Co-curator: Chryansthe Broikos
Exhibition and catalog designer: Abbott Miller

Donald Albrecht