Donald Albrecht

Paris/New York:
Design Fashion Culture, 1925–1940

Museum of the City of New York

Paris/New York explored the period between the world wars when New York City, looking to Paris for inspiration, became the international cultural capital it is today. Bringing together well-known figures such as Josephine Baker and Salvador Dali and reviving the reputations of forgotten ones, the show examined the Paris/New York dialogue in the fields of architecture, furniture design, fashion, painting, and the performing arts, among other spheres. The exhibition was accompanied by a 240-page catalog.

Mr. Albrecht conceived the idea of the show and catalog, selected all artifacts, wrote exhibition text, and assembled the design team and catalog essayists.

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Features and reviews in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times.

“Mr. Albrecht has done a superb job of extracting maximum wattage from every juxtaposition, object and image, including a great many surprisingly effective digital reproductions.”
Roberta Smith, New York Times, October 2, 2008

Exhibition and catalog designer: Pure+Applied
Lighting designer: Anita Jorgensen
Installation photographer: Bilyana Dmitrova

Donald Albrecht